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"Two Clues is a rising star in contemporary event management, with a prestigious and growing following"


Welcome to Two Clues

February 2011
Welcome to the newly re-furbished site. We hope to bring you breaking news of all the new and exciting Two Clues events as and when we're able to release details of each one. Here we hope to introduce you to a few teasers and let you know what we have all been up to.

Two Clues are already in a rich vain of form this year, with a number of private events and weddings under way and already delivered. But there are some really special things in the pipeline in the next 2-3 months. Check out the new link to The People's Wedding and get excited. In fact, get very excited....

January 2011
Happy New Year to one and all. It made an unusual change for those at the office here, not to be working on an event over the Christmas and New Year period whilst you were all celebrating in style, so this year we did too!!

Things are already bubbling here at the T-C nerve centre once more and we hope to bring you some of the key details later next month. Our advice is - if you're even considering going away anywhere on the weekend of 29th April....don't! We don't often give away stronger hints than that!

December 2010
We hope that those of you that came to the Two Clues Secret Christmas event managed to actually get around to preparing for the real Christmas. I know that we are good at surprises, but honestly, we aren't actually planning to do your shopping and cook your turkey for you! The Secret Christmas event was a huge success and we made a complete sell out of the tickets in just 2 days. Considering we had been even more conspicuous in our promotional activity on this, the huge response blew us away. Also, some fantastic photographs and video footage was taken at the event and we hope to launch a client area of the website very soon, where all photographs and videos can be viewed behind a secure password protected page.