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History and Cult

Two Clues was founded in its original form in 2005. At this time the company was known as Blistoph Creation, with the original fledgling company’s ethos was to create unique, one-time events that would excite and enthuse its audience and participants. The modern manifestation of the original company has grown in size both in its employment base and its framework to be able to execute very special events for large numbers of participants in very short order. This is the driving force behind Two Clues - ensure fast, efficient delivery of surprise celebrations that will involve and delight its audience. At the right place, and the right time.

The culture at Two Clues is simple - if it’s not fun, then it’s not worth doing! This mantra has been applied to all the events and celebrations that we have designed and delivered, and there has not been one occasion that has not been thoroughly enjoyable even though the team are often up against tight deadlines and many obstacles to deliver the quality and class of event that we pride ourselves on.

What is it that we do?

In a nutshell, we pioneer the delivery of one-time, one-off celebratory events throughout the United Kingdom. This is often done confidentially or very much in the public eye, depending on the requirements of our clients, but the core design is the same - promotion of excitement and secrecy of  the exact content until the occasion. After all, we all enjoy good surprises don’t we?

There are a number of niche sectors that we cover in event design and delivery. These largely are focused on the Wedding and Corporate events sector, but have recently developed new areas of innovation in Sporting events also.

Why us?

We have afforded ourselves a large degree of selectivity in the events that we take on, allowing us to deliver the celebrations that we undertake to be truly spectacular and superlatively unique. The idea is that, as a participant or event attender you will have something truly special to look back upon. This is what we describe at Two Clues as a ‘memory banker’. A real milestone and memorable event that will be talked about with you, friends and family for many years.

We specialise in immersive and interactive events which keep participants engaged from start to finish. We have solid experience in executing events throughout the UK and have even demonstrated our unique event design and delivery as far a the South of France. We are already in discussion with partner companies to get involved in some large events in the USA later in 2011, that I'm sure you'll get to hear about.

We have a network of partner organisations across the UK that help us to accommodate many different themes and most importantly, very swift delivery from point of concept. This is essential in a fast paced events market and even more critical if you pride yourselves on surprise and awe, as we do.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch so that we can share some of the excitement with you, and certainly guide you through some of our current exciting projects (where confidentially allows).