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The People's Wedding - 29th April 2011

Two Clues has delivered some very refined and prestigious events in the past, but this really has to be the jewel in the crown (so to speak)!

No, we have nothing to do with the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and all references and links to them are unofficial. Which is the way it should be - the 29th April is thankfully an extra bank holiday to celebrate the Royal Wedding in style. So Two Clues have to decided to put on a People's Wedding to celebrate the Royal Wedding in a memorable way. What is more, all proceeds will be donated to charity, which will be announced very soon.

Full details will be released in a small number of days, though agreements are being made for some very special celebrations indeed - what is shaping up to be something very unique but also very in keeping with the Royal Wedding theme. All will be welcome, families, children, young and old. This whole event will be brought to you in our veritable and noteworthy style. After all, surprise and awe is our signature dish.